15 Magnificent Pastel Living Room Designs That Will Catch Your Eye

Warm, vibrant, and energetic are just some emotions that a pastel-colored living room exudes. Whether it’s a family gathering, neighbors, or friends, living rooms are an important part of your life. These colors send out the right vibes that welcome you when you return home. 

We share some exciting pastel colors that will not only give your home a designer look but will also set the mood for a positively inspired life. Make a difference in your living room with these pastel hues that match your personality. 

Earthy Sage

Get in touch with nature with sage, an earthy pastel shade that has a soothing effect. This grey-green color gives you that dried-leaves look that has just the right warmth. A calm feeling surrounds you and keeps stress at bay. 

To complete the impact, you need the right combination of furniture to go with your walls. The furniture colors that blend well with sage include soft white, warm wood, and dark leather. 

Pale Sky Blue

Add a sweet touch to your living room with a pale shade of sky blue. It gives you a liberating feeling. Hang a couple of colorful paintings on the wall to give the impact of a gallery. 

Pair your light lavender walls with a cobalt blue ottoman to put your feet up and enjoy life. Your furniture should be a mix of neutral shades like brown, black, or white. 

Buttercream Yellow

Give your walls a rich earthy tone with buttercream yellow pastel shade. This color keeps you warm in the coldest winters. Mix and match with some light lilac-colored artwork. 

Furniture color options that go with these walls include dark shades of brown and brassy tones to add a touch of elegance. This helps to provide some variation in the color theme of your living room. 


Let the walls rekindle the romance in your life with this rich pastel shade. Combine this with some trendy wall art and a coffee table to get conversations started. Wooden floors go well with this pink hue.

For your furniture, try brass textures that complement the walls perfectly. The sofa could be a brighter shade of pink. Though the difference in the sofa or couch can easily pop out the pastel shade.


Using a beige pastel tone gives your living room a warm and neutral tone. It gives your room depth and is also visually appealing. To add some variety, use grain wood furniture that provides contrast with the beige shade and adds to the warmth. 

Rich green houseplants add that natural element to your living room. The color scheme is simple and gives the room a cozy feel.

Icy Cool

Serene icy walls and colored pillows are the perfect mix for your living room. To make the room more lively, use sleek gray colors for the furniture to give it an airy feel. A fireplace of textured tone complements the walls and furniture well. 

A few raw wood chairs add to the warmth of the room and make it more relaxing. 

Refreshing Mint

Give your living room a fresh breath of air with pastel mint on the walls. Use color blocking for the fireplace with a deeper shade of green to contrast the wall. Bright patterns for the furniture give your room a boho look. 

Use rugs and floor pillows with bright hues for a living room that uplifts your mood. 


If the color white feels out of place in your warm and welcoming living room, try a pastel shade that gives you contrast but does not hurt the decor. Try a rug with burnt orange color to complement the pistachio shades on your wall. 

Go for a minimalistic look for your living room and use woven baskets. Wooden furniture with simple designs goes well here. 


If you love soft hues and the colors pale pink or rose gold, then the blush pastel shades are the right wall color. The shade name comes from the pink or pale red color of our faces when we blush.

Keep the wall trim a shade or so darker compared to the walls to get that polished finish. For that perfect contrast, use bold and dark colors for your furniture. 

Ocean Blue

Inspired by the ocean, this pastel shade is like a breath of fresh air. To get the right impact for your living room, the walls and trim should have the same. It gives you that calm and refreshing feel of the ocean. 

Use darker shades of blue to complement the lighter walls and add yellow flowers for that touch of excitement. 

Faded Olive 

Give your living rooms character with faded olive pastel shades. Help your furniture blend in with the decor with soft green shades. Green plants and accent pillows complete the look for your living room. 

Extend the nature theme with a natural wood desk for a dynamic look. This cozy living room has the perfect warm feel. 


Pink pastel shades give a light impression of color on your walls. This provides the perfect contrast with a white theme for your decor. You get a warm feeling by adding natural wood furniture. 

Keep your window trim color bold black and add a leather ottoman. Potted green plants send out earthy vibes and bring you closer to nature. 

Cloudy White

If your room has a lot of natural lighting, try white pastel shades for your walls. Complete the look with plush pillows and give the living room an airy feel. Leather upholstery and a tempting rug go well with this living room. 

Dress the pillows in a feathery case to complement the room’s soft character.


With sandy pastel shades for your walls, use soft gray for your sofa. White could be used for your chairs and rugs in beige tones. Each corner can have white accents to keep the tone of the room bright and vibrant. 

Use woven furniture in gray hues gives as a centerpiece in the room. 


You get a smooth and elegant look on your walls with the ivory pastel shade. To get a traditional look, combine the polished finish with accent pieces in a muted green. For a dynamic feel, you need an upholstered ottoman with a patterned rug. 

Final Thoughts

Pastel shades can change the mood of your living room into something lively and welcoming. Combine the different shades into a video and check how they look before you get your walls painted. InVideo lets you make 3D videos and see the final look of your living room. 

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