4 Compelling Reasons to Start a Blog for Your Business

4 Compelling Reasons to Start a Blog for Your Business

You don’t need a blog, right? It’s a dead medium anyway!

Well, don’t be so quick to dismiss the idea of a business blog. According to estimates, 77% of internet users read blogs on a consistent basis, and adding a blog to your site can improve traffic but up to 434%!

It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in or how large your business is — you NEED a blog, and we’re going to show you why. Keep reading to learn about four of the biggest reasons why you should start a business blog.

1. Your Competition Has a Business Blog

If you’re tired of your competition winning over your customers, it’s a good idea to see what they’re doing that you’re not. And odds are, they have a company blog.

Failing to run a blog when your direct competition has a content library is a huge mistake that could cost you gravely.

Why wouldn’t you want to take advantage of every possible resource out there? Especially when it takes nothing to start a blog!

If it’s a simple case of writer’s block that’s hindering your new blog, don’t forget that there are plenty of great article ideas out there to inspire you. Let yourself be a true competitor.

2. You’re Not Bringing In Enough Traffic

While there are many ways to attract more traffic, a barebones site isn’t one of them. Here’s an exercise to prove our point:

Let’s say you’re looking for a new distribution partner. You’re checking out a few pages, and most seem fine. Then, you stumble on a company that has a great homepage…but that’s it.

You’d probably think that they don’t care enough about their website to flesh it out. That’s the message you’re sending to visitors right now.

3. You Can’t Find Your Business on Search Engines

Speaking of traffic, 53% comes from organic search. And if you’ve ever wondered how Google or Bing determine what’s worth showing their audience…well, you see where we’re going here.

Blogging isn’t just for yourself or your audience. It also determines a factor called authority.

When you link to another website, or another website links to you, search engines take that as a sign of trust. The more links to your site, the more web crawlers view your site as an authority.

But you can’t start to build your linking strategy until you have pages to link to!

 4.Blog Posts Lead to Conversions

Let’s stick with the branding theme for another moment. Once your audience begins to learn about your brand’s values and voice, they’ll become more open to sales pitches.

While you shouldn’t use your blog as an out-and-out sales tool, adding a strong call to action and including internal links throughout your content can do wonders for your sales.

Always end by letting your audience know how they can reach you and what step you want them to take next. A good CTA is a subtle yet efficient means of promotion.

Stop Waiting: Start Your Business Blog Today

No matter how you cut it, starting a business blog is a wise move. Once you get the first few posts under your belt, you’ll wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.

Now, break out that Google Doc, because it’s time to come up with some great post ideas. You can do this!

For more tips on growing your business, make sure to check out the other great content on our blog!

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