American Eating Habits: What Do We Love To Eat?

What Do We Love To Eat

What Food do Americans love to eat? As Americans, there are no shortage of options for types of food you can eat, but what’s the most popular? There is plenty of data that can help you figure this out. Chinese cuisine is identified as America’s favorite, with Korean and Africanconfirmed as the fastest growing in popularity. Cuisines from destinations across the globeare ever-present around the dinner tablewith vacation goers keen to recreate afavorite culinary memory or sample flavorsfrom a destination on their travel wish list.

Certain experts have studied recent search data to identify what type of cuisine is most popular across the US to understand what culinary adventures customers’ sights (and stomachs) had set on next.

Chinese cuisine came out on top as a firm favorite with double the popularity of second place. Taking up the second spot was Mexican cuisine, followed by Thai. Rounding up the top five most searched for cuisines in America was Indian cuisine in fourth and Mediterranean cuisine in fifth.

The Differences Between States

Chinese cuisine was a clear favorite in the majority of states, apart from Arizona and Idaho, whose favorite is Mexican. As for Hawaii and Washington, their favorite cuisine is Thai. Indian cuisine is another popular choice across the US, as it appears in every state’s top five cuisine types. Greek cuisine makes an appearance in the top ten across the majority of states but doesn’t feature in Wisconsin, Rhode Island, North Dakota or Delaware.

Italian cuisine is a popular choice for all states, marking its place in all top tens. It’s no surprise to see that Chinese cuisine is the most popular cuisine type in the US. We have seen an increased appetite for food experiences across Asia. Whether this is on a street-food tour with a food expert, making traditional dishes in a private cooking class led by an award-winning chef, or simply visiting the local markets to experience the hustle and bustle of food merchants selling artisanal produce and handmade delicacies.

Cuisines Fastest Growing In Popularity In The US

By comparing 2019 to 2021 search data, we see that Korean cuisine is the fastest growing in popularity, with an increase of 82% in search interest between 2019-2021. Interestingly, African cuisine is the second most popular in growth in the US, with an increased interest of 79%.

Additionally, Indian cuisine ranks in third place. With Thai and Mexican ranking in fourth and fifth place, respectively. To view the full survey findings and discover more about America’s favorite cuisines, head over to the full US cuisine study page to find out about the most popular American cuisine study.


Hopefully this article has given you some key insight into cuisine tastes across the country and helped you understand what cuisine is most popular. America is an incredibly diverse country, and you will find that there are options available for your eating habits, no matter what your taste is.

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