Beginners Guide to Winter Jeep Off-roaders

Beginners Guide to Winter Jeep Off-roaders

Off-roading comes with a certain amount of risk. Most Jeepsters will tell you that the risk is part of the fun and adds excitement to the experience. When you add winter elements to offroad trails and uneven terrain, you compound the risk of inconvenient and potentially dangerous situations. There are any number of Jeep Wrangler accessories that you can get, for instance, but keeping your cool and having a healthy respect for inclement weather’s effect on driving are invaluable.

Type of Tire Is Important

With 33″ tires, you can climb over lots of things. When you’re talking about simply driving on unpaved roads, though, it’s important to know that most all-season tires do not provide the needed grip for driving through deep snow. They offer traction to neither snow or ice, and, generally, the rubber material that is used in that type of tire is not for freezing temperatures.

All-terrain tires are considered all-purpose and they provide traction on snowy and icy surfaces. Winter tires, however, are made for the season for which they’re named. The rubber compound of winter tires is specially designed to meet certain flexibility criteria in below-freezing temperatures, which means a better grip on the road.

Lift Kit for Harsh Terrain

Because lift kits create more separation between the axles of your Jeep and the body, you can get bigger wheels and you have more ground clearance. Bigger wheels can help with torque, grip and, ultimately, power and greater ground clearance can be the difference between crawling over the side of an outcropping and getting stuck on it.

Grille Guard for Protection

Besides the cosmetic damage that you could suffer plowing your front end into a boulder, remember that the engine is up there, too, separated from hazard by a half inch of metal. A grille guard offers a sleek addition to the appearance of the Jeep and the style and color can be echoed across the body with different accessories. More importantly, though, the grill is a thick piece of metal protecting the most important element in your Jeep that won’t move unless you strike something at a tremendous speed.

Common Sense for Survival

Jeep owners love the challenge of off-roading. Winter is just another element of that challenge. Recognizing the difference between a passable tract of land and a guaranteed problem come with thoughtfulness and experience. Study the roads that you’re on before you take to them with any big speeds and always make sure you’re buckled in for safety.

If you’ve got a great set of off road tires on your Jeep, you’ll have a comfortable ride with good traction and handling. Mix this with all-wheel drive and you’ve got the ideal combination. In the winter, though, even this kind of technology can struggle with the elements. Slick terrain can make angles seem much steeper than they are and make getting unstuck extremely difficult. Make sure to drive wisely, on roads that you’ve studied, before you start showing off out there. Visit an auto parts store to get the latest parts and accessories for the ultimate Jeep off-roading experience.

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