Branding Lessons From Some of the Best

Branding is often a challenging task for new companies. It can be hard to imagine the identity and voice of your business, and package it into logos and advertisements that represent your cause. In these situations, you may find that it is worthwhile to look at those that have come before. The companies below have all achieved success by associating their brand identity with specific emotions and ideals.

New York Yankees

Sports franchises today are often worth hundreds of millions, if not billions of dollars. In the case of the Yankees, they are one of the most valuable sports teams in the world with an estimated value of $5.25 billion. That’s exceptional, but to be expected from a team with the extensive history and record that the Yankees have.

However, the Yankees also have the distinguishing trait of being one of the most famous sports teams in the world. How is it possible that a team that exists within a sport with little reach outside the US has reached global fame? The answer is that they have successfully crafted an incredible brand image.

The Yankees have done a fantastic job at weaving their brand identity into the city of New York. Their iconic NY logo has come to represent the globally famous city, and now their merchandise can be found in stores and markets in every country. At the stadium after a Yankees game you can hear the classic Frank Sinatra hit “New York New York” playing. The Yankees organization has achieved an extraordinary feat by pushing their team to be the face of this famous city.

Although baseball has been on the decline over the past decades, there are factors that are bringing about a renewed interest. With sports betting finally taking off in the US, baseball has started to become popular again. Along with the rise in viewership in past years, we’ve also seen that popular betting sites have started to offer free bets and promotions for baseball. In the coming years, it has been predicted that baseball could have a full resurgence that extends outside the US.


The Apple brand is another great example. In our technology-focused society, nearly everyone has a smartphone in their pocket. What is it that makes a person decide to purchase an iPhone over an Android device? Before any functionality is considered, take a moment to reflect on the company’s branding.

Apple has a branding strategy that focuses on emotions. Other smartphones and laptops are just tools, soulless and inanimate. Apple devices however are an extension of yourself and represent all of your goals and aspirations, or at least that is what their branding wants you to believe. They have instilled the message that with their devices you are capable of achieving your dreams.

Also, Apple has positioned itself as the “youthful” brand as compared to its older, bland opposition in Microsoft, IBM, and other legacy computer manufacturers. Apple’s commercials are filled with smiling young professionals and popular modern music.


The Coca-Cola brand is considered to be one of the most valuable in the world at $87 billion. In addition, it is a company with an incredible history that stretches over a century. In all of this time, the brand and its logo has never lost its original attributes, in fact accruing new meaning and associations over the decades.

Through its sheer longevity, the stylized Coca-Cola logo has become one of the most famous in the world. While it has been tweaked and adjusted over the years, it has largely remained the same for most of the company’s lifespan. The Coca-Cola company understands the power of branding and changing their logo would be counterproductive as they are aiming to be around for centuries and do not need to change with the current trends. When you see a bottle of Coca-Cola on the shelf, you know that it is the same product that you have always enjoyed.

Through countless advertisement campaigns, sponsorships, and product placement deals in popular media, the Coca-Cola brand has come to represent some specific ideals. These range from stability and consistency, to nostalgia, family traditions, and America overall.

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