Cleaners Are in High Demand After COVID-19: What Savvy Business Leaders Can Do About It

Cleaning has always been one of the most necessary services in almost every industry. Even if it goes unnoticed, everywhere needs cleaning. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, such services have been brought out into the spotlight.

Now, everyone is aware and conscious of the benefits to our health and well-being that being clean and sanitized provides us with. The industry is now required to go way beyond the usual routines and procedures to adhere to this new global cleanliness mindset. Demand is soaring, and nothing goes hand-in-hand more naturally with sky high demand, than opportunity.

Those forward-thinking business-minded people out there will be able to see how this side effect of the global pandemic could be transformed into a successful and positive venture, if approached with the necessary drive and knowledge. Now is a better time than ever to start a cleaning business, and here are just a few reasons why.


Protection of the population has become the main priority of governments and nations worldwide. With people of all ages having the potential to be negatively affected, ensuring places that numerous people constantly use are kept sanitized and safe is important in order to provide the most protection towards health as possible. In this way, you are additionally providing a positive service for the community and giving others peace of mind.


In response to this need for protection, demand has gone through the roof. Schools, hospitals, nursing homes and other essential services have pushed the demand for cleaning up and up even during lockdown. As things start to open up again, including hospitality services, retail buildings, factories, and even on a domestic scale, this demand will only keep on increasing, and this cleanliness mindset is sure to stick around long after the wrath of the pandemic has begun to die down.


A staggering amount of people have lost out on vital months of work while in lockdown, with many even ending up unemployed as a consequence. Lots of people have been left struggling financially and many small businesses have been forced to close as a result of the economic decline. Cleaning businesses will be able to provide employment opportunities. Such employment may be a way of getting people out of financial difficulty and back on their feet after months of stress and worry.


Cleaning businesses have lots of flexibility. You choose who you employ, you choose your clients, you choose your products, you choose your equipment. The ease of switching targets and clients makes finding the successful formula easy and quick. Even if your first attempt doesn’t go quite as planned, it’s an easy service to adapt and adjust to find success.

Low Start-Up Costs

As you don’t need a commercial building, cleaning businesses usually have low start-up costs. Basic equipment, dedicated employees and potentially some form of transport is all you really need to get started. No utility bills or rent partnered with high demand and necessity equates to a low outlay-high output success.

Other Considerations

Marketing is a key component to any successful business. To be able to do this effectively, you need to focus in on your target audience. Are you going to be providing industrial level sanitizing for commercial buildings, focusing more on health care facilities and hospitals, or providing for domesticated areas and small businesses?

Picking your target is essential to make sure you market your business to bring in clients. Not only this, but the service you provide will determine the equipment you need, the number of employees and the products you use. There’s no use buying hundreds of small spray containers to cover a 52-floor commercial building; instead, you buy in bulk. Also, to protect your employees and your equipment, make sure you have the right cleaning business insurance for the services that you are providing.

Germs, viruses and bacteria are very much on everyone’s mind lately, and rightly so. The unimagined and devastating global effects that have occurred since the outbreak of COVID-19 have warranted the fear and increased reliance on hygiene. This has given cleaning businesses a clear sprint to the finish line and made this industry the one to invest your time and effort in.

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