Finding Back Pain Relief Through Physical Therapy

Finding Back Pain Relief Through Physical Therapy

If you have back pain, you likely experience challenges with everyday tasks. Chronic or severe pain can actually prevent you from doing things and impact your quality of life. You may have tried different treatments and therapies for your back pain, but have you spent time in physical therapy? Licensed therapists may have treatments that can help you.

Back Care Breakthroughs

Many studies have proven the success of physical therapy in healing and increasing the range of motion for orthopedic and other injuries. However, some institutions have also tested physical therapy’s impact on back pain. A significantly higher number of individuals with sciatica experienced the reduction and elimination of pain with PT than those who pursued typical care plans.

PT techniques both reduce back pain and reduce the longevity of these episodes. They also spend less when they pursue this treatment. In addition, many patients require less medical treatment in the future after completing their therapy plans and implementing the strategies their therapists teach them. This treatment helps your body heal and prevents future injuries.

Key Benefits of PT

Before you seek physical therapy Murieta, you should understand the benefits of PT. First, chronic pain is the result of nerve irritation or compression. This is especially true of back pain, where the nerves in your spine pinch as a result of shifting or compressed discs. PT realigns your spine and discs to relieve this stress.

Therapists also work to increase your strength, range of motion and flexibility. Your pain may cause muscle stiffness because it hurts to move, but this can impact your strength and muscle tone. Exercise during your PT sessions will strengthen these muscles so they can support your back properly and give you easier movement. Because you focus on muscle strength, balance, posture, flexibility and range of motion, PT also prevents future injuries.

Your therapist should design a customized program that meets your needs, symptoms, lifestyle, medical history, etc. This gives you the exact treatment you need to improve your health and reduce your pain. These strategies may also help you recover without surgery. PT can also integrate with other therapies and reduce or eliminate your dependence on pain medication.

Strategies for Spinal Comfort

First, most physical therapists will determine the cause of your pain. Then, they will design a customized plan to heal your body. This may start with an exercise plan that targets the muscles necessary to support your body and relieve the pressure on your nerves. These will likely include posture correction, core strengthening, stretching, light aerobics and movement training. You may even complete aquatic exercises, which are easier on your joints.

You may also undergo manual therapies, such as massage and mobilization. Heat and ice therapies also help with back pain. Your PT may also include electrical stimulation or dry needle therapy.


Your physical therapist should also share information with you about the cause of your pain and why specific treatments could work. These professionals also share nutrition information. You should receive exercises you can complete at home every day to support your PT work. You should also learn inflammation and pain management at home.

Investigate how you can benefit from PT, and if you want to help people struggling with back pain, research physical therapy jobs near me.

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