How Much Is A Sprig Of Rosemary?

Are you on a lookout for a recipe to experiment? Or would you just like to try something new to cook for a family weekend? Well, you have come to the right place for the right answers!

Whether it is an experiment or a quick recipe fix, there could only be one secret: spicing things up! Nothing could go wrong with a little help from some tasty herbs like rosemary.

But before heating the pan up, first things first: How much is a sprig of rosemary?

How Big is a “Sprig”?

You may have found that most recipes in cookbooks need “a ‘sprig’ of rosemary.” You know where to get rosemary alright, but the initial problem is: How big is that ‘sprig’?

These recipes usually just test your ability as a home cook who can add or mix ingredients by instinct or by taste. Well, that’s not entirely wrong considering that this gives you the freedom to have the dish suit your taste.

If you are someone who wants to keep everything organized, though, you would want an exact measurement. No one wants to put too much or too little of these flavorful plants, right?

According to Gather Baltimore, a sprig is just under a tablespoon or 15 mL. Meanwhile, home cooks in the Garden Web forum suggest that it is basically two- to six-inches long.

If you don’t have the plant to cut, the dried ones will do. In that case, you will need only half a teaspoon as a substitute. Now, if you want to put in “a bunch” of rosemary, it would call for another measurement.

But if we refer to a cup, that would be around 22-25 sprigs in total.

How Much Is A Sprig Of Rosemary?

Just like any herb sold, the price of rosemary is dependent on how much you are to purchase. On a good estimate half a cup, which is roughly equivalent to half of a glass jar, as well, is sold around $3.27.

If you buy it in bags, the approximate prices are as follows: a four-pound bag amounts to $2.30, a pound bulk bag is $4.51, a five-pound bulk bag is $19.62 and a ten-pound bulk bag is $36.08.

These mentioned price ranges are the average costs for rosemary than are sold online. They may have tiny differences with the ones found in the supermarket.

Usually, your local markets sell this for a dollar off, especially if they are on sale.

There are certain price disparities when it comes to branded rosemary sprigs as well. The most famous brands charge the most prices, of course. In Amazon, for instance, the brand Frontier is a bit costly, because their 16-ounce bulk bags cost up to $53.90.

How do You Convert or Substitute Fresh Rosemary Sprigs to Dried?

  • If you worry about fresh rosemary being available during the winter, then worry no more. There are always dried ones that are readily available the whole year.
  • If you need this spice on your menu badly, you may dry the fresh leaves yourself in few easy steps. Heal with Food gives additional tips on conversion and substitution.
  • For instance, if you need the exact ratio of fresh to dried and vice versa, the general guideline is: 1 tablespoon fresh = 1 teaspoon dried.

Why Use Rosemary?

1 sprig rosemary

Now that you know that rosemary is fairly more affordable compared to other spices in the market. Let me convince you to use it more often on your favorite dishes.

I have personally found out that rosemary could be beneficial to one’s health too. Anything that is organic offers a number of health benefits generally.

Rosemary is one of the few organic ingredients that helps boost one’s memory. It has been considered a “cognitive stimulant.” Further studies and research have yet to prove it, but it claims to help the brain focus and retain memory.

Now that we know that rosemary isn’t just tasty but healthy, we could agree that it’s worth every penny.

After all, it wouldn’t hurt to purchase a few sprigs and turn your dish into some “magic” food.

In the past soldiers at war used to put rosemary in their MRE for better flavor.

So why not give it a try yourself? Ordering is just a click away. You may even find great deals with fair discounts and promos.

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