How To Reduce The Risk Of Hypertension With 6 Healthy Lifestyles

High blood pressure is a dangerous disease.  It’s a very tricky condition because it could happen to anybody, old or young, and it could occur regardless of time, place, and circumstance.

Most people experienced no symptoms before it strikes. You assumed you were okay because it did not have signs that it developed. Otherwise, when you experience the pain from your head and back-neck, a pulling sensation in your heart, strain in your chest, dizziness, it indicates that high blood pressure hits. And it can happen in an instant when you least expect it. This effect will increase the risk of cardiac arrest, stroke, or heart failure.

Studies show that hypertension is more common for men, particularly during their senior stages. Women are more likely to experience high blood pressure at about 65 years and over. The reality, however, is that, in exceptional cases, children as young as nine years old may also be affected by this condition. Nonetheless, this is typically linked to a child’s other medical issues. However, you are reducing the risk of high blood pressure problems by maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

1. Consume No More Than 5 Grams Of Salt Per Day

Salt is the main savor in cooking as it adds flavors to the food we prepare. Without salt, you cannot expect a good tasting food.

Too much salt can, however, have a damaging effect on human health especially on our blood pressure. So it is best to add just the right amount of salt when preparing the dishes.

According to doctors, no more than 5 grams of salt a day should be ingested and taken up into our bodies to avoid high blood pressure.

2. Limit The Consumption Of Saturated And Trans Fats

Food has always been a part of our lives. Whatever we do, we consume food on a regular basis. This is not limited to our daily consumption, but also when we have movie marathon, celebrating Birthdays, Christening, Wedding, or payday.

Too much saturated and trans fats increase bad cholesterol ingestion. High levels of bad cholesterol boost high blood pressure and potentially result in heart attacks, strokes, and other diseases associated with hypertension.  It is best to be inquisitive and knowledgeable about the food we consume, and how it is made of. That way, you can be sure that you are safe from its ill effects on your health, especially the risk of developing hypertension.

Reduce high-fat foods such as bakery products like cakes, cookies, and pies, frozen foods, and good with high shortenings. Even our favorite fried foods, such as French fries, chips, and fried chicken may have a high amount of trans fats if they are not cooked correctly.

The best way to prepare your favorite fried food is using a deep fat fryer, which can be found at, and peanut oil or vegetable oil which is best known as trans-fat-free and low in saturated fats.

3. Eat Fruits And Vegetables On A Regular Basis

Nutrition and diet will contribute greatly to our wellbeing, in particular to the control of the rise in pressure in the blood. Just like eating fruits and vegetables regularly which helps maintain a strong resistance to fight any illness most particularly hypertension. At least five different kinds of vegetables and fruit are recommended every day to help relieve blood pressure and to increase potassium levels in the body. We have a large variety of fruit and vegetables, most of them are to be found in the backyard or to be bought on the market, and it is better to have organic fruits and vegetables because they are more nutrient preserved.

4. Reduce Using Of Tobacco

Smoking cigars or chewing tobacco cannot only raise the blood pressure quickly but also damage the artery vessel with its chemicals, and then increases the risk of a heart disease. Tobacco products can damage not only your blood pressure but also your artery wall. Although most these side effects may not appear immediately, over time the tobacco content will limit and eventually block your artery and cause health problems.

For someone who has a hypertension history, you will be highly advised to gradually quit your smoking habit. In which case, the best course of action is to look for another way to relieve your stress that is beneficial to your health such as yoga exercise, walking, jogging, etc.

5. Moderate Intake Of Alcohol Beverages

Heavy intake of alcoholic beverages can raise blood pressure to the worst level. Occasional drinkers can experience blood pressure increase temporarily, but repetitive and heavy drinkers can lead to a longer rising effect of blood pressure. Although sometimes we cannot avoid it on special occasions, it is good to be careful and slow to drink.

As friendly reminded by the alcoholic beverages company, it is best that we drink moderately.

6. Stay Fit And Active Everyday

There is no better way to fight back the risk of hypertension than getting fit every day.

The most effective way to do this is to move from time to time, and do not stagnate and do nothing to keep blood flowing in our vessels. As simple as cardio exercise or doing housework can help make every part of the inner system work.

Also, avoid oversleeping. It is best that you develop different kind of habits to entertain yourself such as writing, reading, cleaning, dancing, boxing, etc.


There are many ways to combat hypertension. The most important part is on how we discipline ourselves. It is easy to indicate the dos and don’ts, but the application is the most challenging part. The best way to succeed in fighting a serious disease such as hypertension is to reflect in life.

Gratitude will always be the root of all good behavior that we develop, while complaining will only increase the risk of getting sick. When we accept that we have a limited time on earth, isn’t it more worth it to spend our living a healthy lifestyle. Moreover, our family will look at us as their role model that will affect the next generation.

Finally, never miss to take advice from experts on this field. So a regular doctor’s consultation is recommended.

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