Jackpot Candles Reviews-What Are Special About These Products?

Do you intend to buy a Jackpot candle but do not know which will best suit your needs? Click on this post for Jackpot candles reviews and choose your best one!

Apart from releasing a pleasant scent, a Jackpot candle also brings you more than that – a small secret inside it! For that reason, many people normally opt for Jackpot candles when considering specific gifts for their friends or family.

If you are still wondering which choice you should make, this post can help you! We would like to give you the most detailed Jackpot candles reviews so that you will know more about these products before spending money on them!

What Are Jackpot Candles?

So, what is jackpot candles? A Jackpot candle is made from natural soy, so it’s safe for your health. The reason why we call them “Jackpot” is that each candle will contain a ring inside its internal wax. You have two ways to get the ring: The first one is to burn the candle to its last. If you are not that patient, you can use a spoon and shovel all the wax out.

When ordering a Jackpot candle, you can choose your favorite scent and ring size. With only a fixed candle price, you will have the chance to win a ring from $15 up to $1500. This also means that the Jackpot candle rings are random; you can not pick the one you like!

Since we can’t know what is inside the wax, we will give you reviews about the best-seller Jackpot candle scent you can opt for:

Jackpot Candles Reviews-Some The Most Common Types

#1 Caramel Coffee Latte

The first candidate on this candles with rings inside list is the most common scent of the brand – the Caramel coffee latte. You can not find any other candle that can be more suitable for a coffee lover than this one! 

The great combination of caramel, cream, and coffee form a warm and sweet scent. By burning this candle in your house, you will bring the vibe of a coffee house into your place!


  • High-quality product
  • The fragrance easily spreads all the room
  • True coffee house vibe


  • The wooden wick is difficult to catch fire

#2 Cinnamon Bun

The cinnamon bun candle contains a mixture of butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon, so this candle will bring you a gooey and warm fragrance! Your room will soon be full of cinnamon bun scent right after you burn the candle.


  • Long-lasting wood wick
  • Evenly fire
  • Easily spread scent
  • Clean candle


  • It burns down in a short period 

#3 Birthday Cake

As you can see from its name, this candle is one of the most appropriate items to make a Birthday party more memorable. Or else, you can pick the Birthday cake candle to offer your friends on their birthday. The smell of warm sugar, cake batter, and vanilla will blend and create a birthday cake-like scent. 


  • Wonderful fragrance for the vanilla lover
  • A proper birthday gift
  • High-quality candle with a reasonable price


  • You may face a little difficulty setting fire to the wooden wick

#4 Lavender Candle

Lavender is the most common smell that you can find on many fragrance brands, and the Jackpot candle brand is not the opposite. The lavender candle will help you to get rid of stress and relieve your mind with a fresh scent. What’s more, this candle can remind you of the amazing vibe of the spa and resort you have been to!

This lavender candle and a hot tub will be the best remedy for your body after a hard day of work. More interestingly, the crackling sound from the wood wick brings the feeling like you are burning real lavender.


  • The lavender scent is efficient to cover a medium area
  • A true remedy for your mind and body
  • The wax wraps the ring so well that this candle is totally a secret Jackpot gift!


  • The lavender smell is faint in spacious space

#5 Mermaid Daydream 

Of course, with the ocean-orientated name, the Mermaid daydream candle can help you to enjoy the beach smell even when you are at home. Lemongrass, grapefruit, and bergamot are the three main components of this candle. However, the prominent scent is the floral and spearmint.

When you smell the spearmint, you can imagine the waves are very close to you, which will bring a sense of peace to your mind!


  • High-grade candle
  • Release the smell all over the room
  • Sleek and compact package


  • The candle stops burning after three hours

#6 Sweet Pea Candle

Haven’t you found an appropriate candle for the spring? If so, try the sweet pea candle! This candlelight’s light and sweet pea scent is created from the combination of pear, fresh berries, and floral essence. 

When you use the sweet pea candle at home, you can enjoy the smell of a sunny garden. Indeed, this scent goes on well with the spring theme!


  • Fast spread fragrance 
  • Worth the money
  • Light and comfortable smell


  • It’s quite challenging to set fire to the wooden wick

#7 Lilac 

The extraction of fresh lilac is the main ingredient to create this candle. Hence, the fragrance of lilac bushes will bring peace to your mind and freshness to your body. Opt for this option to merge into the floral scent and escape from the busy life!


  • Bring a feeling of in the middle of a lilac garden
  • Long-lasting scent
  • Suitable for people like strong fragrance


  • Different in scent when unused and in use

Bottom Lines

Jackpot candles are always in high demand due to the pleasant scent they generate and the secret gift inside the wax. We hope that you have got more necessary information to decide which one to get for yourself or your beloved people with the Jackpot candles reviews.

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