Mars Hydro 300w Review

We’ll look today at a pair of LED grow lights from the reputable Chinese manufacturer Mars Hydro 300w. The Eco lights we’ll explore are the 300-watt and 600-watt models.

They are the same in most respects except the physical dimensions and the coverage so we’ll give you the raw technical data for each but when reviewing the lights we’ll generalize unless the models differ.

…First, a pictorial look at the pros and cons of these nifty LEDs…

Mars Hydro 300w Review

Pros of Mars Hydro Eco series

  • On/Off switch for ease of use
  • The Mars Hydro Eco 300w light gives you comprehensive full spectrum output with IR 730nm, ideal for flowering.
  • Newest SMD chip tech. No burnt LEDs ever. SMD chips have 3×longer lifespan than traditional ones.
  • Efficient cooling system. Minimal heat produced.
  • Very little noise
  • Daisy chain function. Simply daisy chain multiple lights together for ease of use.
  • The Mars Hydro Eco series contains high red ratio for abundant flowering.
  • Suitable for all types of growing from seedling to harvest

Cons of Mars Hydro Eco series

  1. Not dimmable
  2. Not as powerful as it could be for flowering stage

We’ll look now at 7 strong reasons to consider buying these affordable LEDs…

Class-Leading Coverage

The core purpose of any grow light is to maximize the yield of your crop and those coverage figures are all-important with any LEDs.

As with any smaller grow lights, you’ll get relatively limited coverage.

The 300-watt model is good for 1.7 x 1.7 feet for flowering and 2 x 2 feet for veg.

With the 600-watt lights, you’ll get 2.5 feet x 1.5 feet for flowering and 2.5 x 2 feet for veg.

You’ll be able to make fine adjustments to this by how high you hang the lights above the plants at each stage of the crop.

Safety Features

One of the inevitable bugbears of growing, whether with HPS lights or LEDs, is heat.

Luckily, Mars Hydro Eco lights have oversized heat sinks that get rid of the majority of the heat generated.

Then there are the fans…

The single fan on the 300-watt model is noisy but effective, kicking out 49 decibels. The bigger 600-watt lights have a pair of fans but you don’t get too much extra noise at just 56 decibels so you’ll get much more cooling without any extra disturbance. Whenever the light is on, the fan engages.

Not only does this efficient cooling keep things safe in the grow room, you’ll also minimize any chance of diodes burning out.

These diodes are not run at full capacity which increases lifespan anyway and each diode comes with a protector to prevent a domino effect if one burns out.

The heatproof tube is another nice safety touch so you can buy these lights with complete confidence.

Grow Tent Compatible

If you need a stealth grow, there’s little to rival the enclosed nature of a grow tent.

When you’re looking for LEDs, it can be confusing wondering which lights work with what size grow tent.

These Mars Hydro Eco LEDs are tailor-made for 2 x 2 grow tents so if you have a smaller operation in mind, these lights and little tent make a great starter kit.

Optimized Light Quality

You’ll get even par readings with these LEDs and they give out a 12-band spectrum of light including IR. This configuration will help you bring about optimal photosynthesis response leading to increased yields and bigger flowers. Correct lighting also helps improve the potency of your crop.

These lights will only draw down 100 watts of power while effectively doing the work of 200-watt HPS lights.

The red, blue, white and infrared lights work well for all stages of your crop from seeding and budding through vegetation, flower and harvest.

The Mars Hydro will bring you the high par and lumen you need for great yields every crop.


If you’re just starting to grow some medical marijuana but you don’t know what you’re doing, what could be easier than a small grow tent, some auto-flowering seeds and these LED lights?

You won’t need to mess around with ballast nor will you need to install any exhaust system to cope with the heat generated by older style lights.

Just hang your Mars Hydro, plug them in and you’re away.


How about if you have a more ambitious grow-op but you still like the look of these affordable LEDs?

You’re in luck due to the way you can hook up to 10 of these sets of lights up in a daisy chain arrangement if you have more plants to deal with.

This is a nice touch if you’re just experimenting with a smaller grow but fancy the idea of expanding as your skills grow. You’ll be able to do that without investing in a completely new set-up.

After Sales Service

Mars Hydro is a Chinese company but their customer service is pleasingly robust.

There are now 2 US-based service centers so if you live in the States, you’re in safe hands.

Beyond this, build quality is such that you should hopefully not run into any problems with your lights in the first place. All lights are ETL-listed for your peace of mind.


Now for some more facts and figures…

  • Common Technical Data
  • LEDs View Angle: 90/120°Mixed
  • Input Voltage: 85V-265V(AC)
  • Frequency Range: 56~60Hz
  • Life Rating: 100000 hours
  • Certifications: ETL/CE/RoHS
  • Warranty: 2 year
  • Cord Length: 6ft

Model: Mars Hydro Mars Eco 300w led grow light

Basic Features

  • Model: Mars Hydro Mars Eco 300W LED grow light
  • Number of LEDs: 49pcs
  • LED Type: High intensity 5W Epistar. Newest SMD tech
  • Spectrum: 430,440nm,450,475nm,620,630nm,650,670nm,2700k,3000k, IR 730nm
  • Actual Wattage(±5%): 100W/110v, 99W/220v
  • Amp Draw: 0.83A/110v, 0.43A/220v
  • Core Coverage: 1.7ft x 1.7ft = 0.5m x 0.5m
  • Max Coverage: 3.5ft x 3.5ft = 1m x 1m
  • Core PAR Value: 450 umols
  • Lumen Output: 3334 lumen
  • Replaces HPS/MH: 200 watt
  • Product Size: 11 x 10 x 3 inches
  • Net Weight: 5.3 lbs / 2.4 KG
  • Heat Output: 112 BTU
  • Noise Level: 49DB

Final Words For Article Mars Hydro 300w Review

If you’re a beginner looking for a cost-effective and powerful lighting solution for your medical marijuana, you can’t go far wrong with the Mars Hydro Eco 300w LEDs.

Choose in line with the scope of your grow op and build up your lights over time if you decide to upscale.

These lights are energy-efficient and user-friendly so you’ll be able to get going pretty much straight out the box.

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