No Dramas: Easy Fixes For 4 Common Vape Issues

Vapes, like any other technological device, are susceptible to incurring minor problems. But this isn’t a big deal, as vapes are produced in a way that makes fixing minor problems a breeze.

If you are experiencing a problem with your vape then it’s more than likely it’s just incurred an easily fixable problem.

So, don’t give up on that vape and vape juice just yet – here are four ways to fix any problems associated with your vape.

If Your Vape Isn’t Turning On

Not to be cheeky, but this may simply be a problem of not having the vape plugged in. Naturally, some vapes are portable and some require a power cord to work, and you may just have to turn it on at the wall to get it working!

Otherwise, your vape may have a multiple click feature that has to be followed to turn it on. With this, you may have to click the on button about five times before it turns on, continuing to click it if it’s still not turning on. If not, ensure that it is and has properly charged, with the light going green once it has fully charged (it will most likely be red beforehand).

Finally, there is always the chance that your charger or cord has incurred some damage. If this is the case, you may have to replace your charger or cord to ensure you can charge the device properly.

You Are Not Getting A Thick Vapour

Your vape should be producing a nice and thick vapour. If not, you are not reaching a high enough temperature for inhaling. Therefore, you might want to turn up the heat on your vape to ensure it is creating enough heat to produce the required smoke.

If your materials aren’t properly ground, this can also produce an overly-thin vapour. This is because there isn’t enough airflow, stopping the hot air from touching the surface area when surpassing the chamber. This is when it comes down to producing a good old fashioned extra grind to ensure there is properly airflow coming through the vape.

If Your Vape Produces A Burnt-Like Taste

Some vapes produce a burnt-like taste if the vape is too hot. This may mean your materials are combusting, and you should therefore turn the temperature down to a lower setting for something smoother and cooler on the palate and throat. Otherwise, you may have vaped all of your materials, in which case you just need to open the chamber and see if it needs a refill.

Your Battery Is Struggling

Vape batteries can last for years, but this can change like lifestyle if you don’t take proper care of your device! Firstly, take note of how often you clean your vape. Do you need to give it a good cleaning so as to unblock the heating element? This can compromise the battery’s performance if the heating element is blocked. For cleaning, grab some cotton swabs and isopropyl alcohol and give your vape a really good clean out!

You may also be overcharging your vape. Keeping it charging overnight may seem like a good idea, but it can also reduce the battery’s lifespan. Finally, if you have damaged your battery in any way, such as dropping it on the ground or in water, it may be high time for a brand new battery.

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