Human behaviours and activities are threatening the environmental stability of our planet. As we as a society are becoming more and more aware of our detrimental impact on the environment, people are coming together to do what they can to make a change. The problem is, for many of usContinue Reading

We’ll look today at a pair of LED grow lights from the reputable Chinese manufacturer Mars Hydro 300w. The Eco lights we’ll explore are the 300-watt and 600-watt models. They are the same in most respects except the physical dimensions and the coverage so we’ll give you the raw technicalContinue Reading

This recipe came to me the way most recipes do.  I got it from Becky, who got it from Gina who got it from… well… I don’t know who Gina got it from.  But it is a keeper for sure! There are only 5 simple ingredients in this savory chickenContinue Reading