Top 7 Parenting Tips for Helping Kids with ADHD

There are days when parenting a child with ADHD will test your limits and seem so overwhelming. On these days, coping with some of the behaviors resulting from your child’s ADHD can be very difficult. There are, of course, good, and even great days.

How can you help your child? Do your research on “ADHD doctors near me “for professional help and guidance on what you can do to help your child improve. Among the top recommendations and tricks that have been proven effective in reducing and managing the symptoms of ADHD in children include the following:

1. Provide Structure

Create a schedule for your child and do your best to stick to it. A daily routine can be very calming for a child with ADHD since they almost always know what to expect. Have a set time for doing specific things, and create rituals for when you do them.

If you must change your routine, such as when you have guests over, do your best to prepare your child. Let your child know of the changes and what you expect of them.

2. Break Down Tasks into Discrete and Manageable Mini-tasks

Because of inattention and hyperactivity, completing everyday tasks, including homework assignments, can be quite challenging for your child with ADHD. Breaking down these tasks into mini-tasks that don’t take as long to complete will help greatly.

By the time your child’s attention begins to wane, they will have finished one task, and it is onto the next one. This breakdown also helps to regulate your child’s emotions when they succeed or fail at that task.

3. Keep Away the Distractions

For a child who gets distracted, having potential distractions around does nothing for their inattention. If it works for your child, turn down or turn off the radio and TV, especially when your child is working on accomplishing a particular task. Toys can also be a big distraction, so you may want to keep those away while your child is, say, doing their homework.

4. Encourage Exercise

All of the experts on your “ADHD doctors near me” list will undoubtedly recommend that you find a healthy outlet for your child’s energy, and what better than exercise. While they expend some of their excess energy, exercise also helps to stimulate the brain, improve sleep, and promotes focus.

Remember that the best way to get your child to exercise and engage in physical activity is by modeling it yourself. Get involved and get to spend some quality time with your child as you hike together and play a game of catch.

5. Work on Improving Quality of Sleep

Your child’s ADHD symptoms are likely to worsen when they don’t get enough and proper sleep. A good night’s sleep impacts the next day’s mood and energy levels.

Explore different options to help with improving your child’s quality of sleep. These include sticking to a specific time and bedtime routine. Avoiding heavy meals and overly stimulating activities just before bedtime also helps. In addition to turning off distractions such as the radio and TV, you could also get a white noise machine to help your child sleep faster and for longer.

6. Positive Feedback

Do your best to avoid negative language, even when you feel like you may have a reason to use it. Find an outlet for your frustrations so you can avoid using negative language with or around your child. This could be sharing with a friend, or as you find ADHD doctors near me, also find a support group for parents to kids with ADHD.

Give positive feedback, and you will see your child thrive. Praise and positive affirmation will help to reinforce good behavior, not to mention building your child’s confidence. Instead of demanding good behavior in frustration, explain to your child what is acceptable and what is not, encouraging the former with positive feedback.

7. Encourage Out-loud Thinking

Impulsivity is quite common among children with ADHD. It can lead them to say and do things without thinking them through first. To help your child with this, encourage out-loud thinking.

Have your child pause and verbalize what they are thinking. This technique will give your child time to give more consideration to their thoughts, and whether or not to act on these thoughts. It will also provide you, as the parent, with some insights into what your child’s thought pattern looks like, and you can use the same to predict behaviors in the future.

Worth a Try

Work on your list of ADHD doctors near me, book an appointment, and you will get more insights and professional advice on the do’s and don’ts as you parent a child with ADHD. Remember that it is a condition that you can manage, and the above tips are worth trying out as they can help you with just that.

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