What Are the Major Causes of a Slip and Fall Accident?


Slip and fall accidents are among the most common yet often underestimated incidents that can cause severe injuries. These accidents can cause a good amount of damage. Simply because they can happen anywhere. Knowing the causes of these falls can help you when you’re reaching out for legal assistance. That way you’ll know how to find who is responsible for the accident. Some causes are more obvious than others. Once you see them you can prevent yourself from falling trap to this type of incident.

Dangerous Flooring

One of the leading causes of slip and fall accidents is hazardous flooring. This includes wet or uneven surfaces, loose tiles, cracked concrete, or worn-out carpets. It’s expected that when you go into a public place their floors are in acceptable condition. If they aren’t, this plays a role in causing fall accidents. Property owners and managers need to know how their floors are doing. That way they can check to see if they’re safe or not. If they aren’t regularly checking it could cause significant damage.

Improper Lighting

Areas need to be well-lit so you can see where you’re walking. If there are poorly lit areas, it can make it challenging to see where you’re going. It could cause you to miss a step or not see a crack in the area, causing you to fall. Property owners need to check on the lights where there is constant traffic. That way they can avoid any potential issues and keep people safe.

Changes in Weather

Weather-related factors can increase the chance of falls. This typically involves snow or ice on the ground that can make the sidewalk or floor slippery. Outdoor areas, especially parking lots and walkways, become potential danger zones when precipitation is present. Property owners need to pay attention to what type of weather they’re going to deal with. So, they can be prepared to clean or close it off. If they aren’t salting the area or checking for excess water, then these hazards can cause a slip and fall case.

Crowded Walkways

Cluttered or obstructed walkways, whether in homes or public spaces, are a recipe for slip and fall accidents. If people leave items or debris behind, then there are hazards created. If someone is not checking, then they can easily trip and fall into the trash. Which could leave them injured severely. These walkways need to be maintained every day. That way this debris can be removed before any can hurt themselves.

Lack of Handrails and Guardrails

Staircases and ramps can cause serious issues if they are not properly maintained. It’s required for these areas to have guardrails to keep guests safe. Especially those who may have mobility challenges. If they don’t have proper support, they could lose their balance and fall. Owners and managers need to install sturdy rails for stairs and ramps that can be used by all visitors to avoid accidents.

Inadequate Signage

In many cases, slip and fall accidents could have been prevented with proper signage. If no one is aware of the hazard, then they are going to walk around the dangerous area. Establishments need to have wet floor signs or other types of warnings to let people know what’s going on. If they don’t have that signage, then patrons can injure themselves. Which can call for legal action from the injured party.

Choices in Footwear

What shoes the person was wearing can also be a factor in slip and fall cases. Wearing shoes with worn-out soles or inadequate traction on slippery surfaces can increase the risk of falls. People need to check what they are wearing before they go out and walk around. Depending on the environment, the shoes could cause you to snag something and fall. Choosing the right shoes can keep you from getting hurt. Lowering risks of being involved in a slip and fall accident.


Slip and fall accidents are not only painful but can also lead to substantial medical bills, losing wages that were lost, and long-term injuries. Understanding the major causes of these accidents is the first step in prevention. Property owners and managers need to take responsibility for making sure that the environment is safe for the public. If you slipped and fell and sustained injuries, reach out to a trusted attorney in your area. It’s important to stay vigilant and pay attention to the general area. That way you can reduce your chances of being involved in slip and fall accidents.

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