What Dog Breeds Are Best Suited for a Family?

What dog would best suit your family? To find out, you have to understand the qualities to look out for in a pooch. As you continue your read, you will find out the qualities that make a great family dog. I will also be listing some dog breeds that are renowned family pets. Let’s get started.

What Are the Things to Look Out for in a Good Family Dog?

There are lots of dogs that are excellent family pets. Some are best suited for a small home, while others would excel in a large family. There are suggestions here on ways to make the right choice for a family pet.

Before deciding on your furry companion, you have to factor in its size. You also have to consider how active your family is. What is the lifestyle of your household?

Knowing this will enable you to find the best fit for your home. Nonetheless, here are ways to identify a good family dog:


 The temperament of the pooch should be your utmost concern. Find out the personality of the dog. Is it quick to anger? Does it welcome new faces? Make sure to find a dog that has the right temperament for your home.

A calm dog is best suited for a home with a lot of kids. They quickly bond with the little ones and are quick to know their place.


The energy of the pooch should be your next consideration. Are you looking for a security dog for your family? Then you should consider a highly energetic puppy.

But if you require a furry friend for fun times with your kids, then I suggest you find a pup less energetic. Energetic canines require lots of exercise and training.

When this is not provided, it can lead to behavioral problems. You can check holistapet puppies for more on teaching your pup quality behavioral pattern.


The canine’s size isn’t so much of a consideration. However, larger breeds are known to be more temperamental and energetic. Smaller species, on the other hand, are calmer and tend to be friendly to most people.

Take beagle, for example; it is a small-sized dog known to be a great companion to all households. So, I would advise choosing a small-sized dog if you are a family with lots of toddlers.

Few Dog Breeds that are Great for Families

A dog is a great household companion. Most of them have significant attributes that allow them to achieve this feat. However, you have to do your due diligence to ensure you enjoy the companionship and comfort of your furry friend. Here is a list of dogs that make excellent household pets:


As earlier said, beagles are renowned for being great household pets. They can adapt to any surroundings and thrive in most households. The beagle is a very compact breed and easy to be around. They are mostly happy and merry at all times. They are brilliant, friendly, and curious as well.

The beagle is an athletic breed, so that it would need exercise from time to time. They thrive in a home with a spacious environment. This is so as they can run and keep up with their activities.

This pup is great with little kids. It is also tolerant of other pets. As a parent, you just need to groom them weekly to keep them looking attractive.

Labrador Retriever

The lab is a very popular canine breed. Labradors are known to be very protective. They are also obedient, dependable, loving, curious, and patient.

Labs do require regular exercising as well. So, this means that an active family would be the best fit for this pup. They enjoy a spacious environment that allows them to run and exercise.

They are comfortable with other dogs and do not mind making new friends. Although Labradors do not require much grooming, it is best to groom once in a while. This would ensure it stays healthy and attractive.

Golden Retriever

Goldens are a remarkable pooch breed. They are confident, loyal, kind, and intelligent. They aren’t known to be aggressive. Still, a golden retriever would protect its family when the time calls for it.

Goldens are a patient breed, making them a great family pet. They aren’t cut out for too many exercises. Still, they relish playing games and retrieving items. They are very comfortable around kids and can tolerate other pets as well. The golden intelligent and loyal nature makes them great household pets.

Irish Setter

The Irish setter is also known as “big red.” They are a great companion for the home. This breed is outgoing and responds well to training. This means that they can do well in any household.

The Irish setter loves to spend time outdoors and run around the yard due to its energy level. This breed is excellent with children and tolerant of other pets. They shed seasonally. So, grooming once every fortnight would suffice.


The poodle is quite distinctive. It has qualities that separate it from its pack. The poodle is very loyal and patient. It is also intelligent, calm, proud, and elegant.

The qualities of the poodle allow it to be an excellent family pooch. It is caring and friendly and enjoys fun times with little kids. The poodle isn’t easily stressed and can adapt quickly to most surroundings.

This breed sheds very little. This means that grooming once in a while would suffice. It also means that children with allergies can be around this breed. You check here for ways to reduce https://www.thesprucepets.com/pet-allergies-2804677 pet allergies.

Final Note

Dogs are excellent companions. This doesn’t mean that they all are great for your home. You must know the qualities that make a dog an exceptional family pet. This would enable you to make the right decision during your selection.

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