What Types of Financial Damages Are Typically Covered in Pedestrian Accident Claims?


No one is prepared to be in a pedestrian accident. Getting struck by a vehicle you didn’t see coming can have life-changing consequences. Both physically and financially. Luckily you can receive compensation if you have been involved in this type of accident. This will help you get back on your feet and recover without having to worry about money. There are different types of financial damages typically covered in pedestrian accident claims that can help you. That way you don’t have to worry about missing out on your daily activities.

Medical Expenses

One of the most significant financial burdens following a pedestrian accident is the cost of medical treatment. These types of accidents can cause serious damage so it’s best to seek medical attention. That way they can make sure you don’t have any underlying injuries. These expenses can quickly accumulate, but they are typically covered in pedestrian accident claims. If these are coming out of your own pocket, then you can seek compensation to make that money back.

Lost Wages

It’s not uncommon to miss work because of your injuries. Losing wages can severely impact your way of life. In a pedestrian accident claim, you can seek compensation for the income you would have earned if not for the accident. This can include your basic salary and any extras that come with it. If you missed out on anything wage-related, then you can add that to your settlement.

Pain and Suffering

Pain and suffering damages are more challenging to quantify than medical expenses or lost wages. These are the physical and emotional stresses that happen because of the accident. These can range from dealing with physical pain or developing mental health issues. Insurance companies and courts do consider these valid factors in your claim. You can receive some form of compensation to help deal with these issues.

Property Damage

In many pedestrian accidents, personal property is damaged or destroyed. Whatever you were wearing the day of the accident technically counts as your property. If your phone or other electronics were damaged, then they can be calculated. If you were riding your bike, then that can be counted with your property and how much it costs to repair it. Make sure to include these expenses in your accident claim to make that money back.

Rehabilitation and Therapy Costs

Recovery from a pedestrian accident often involves ongoing rehabilitation and therapy. These treatments are necessary to get you feeling like yourself again. Rehabilitation and therapy costs can be significant, but they are typically covered in pedestrian accident claims. That way you aren’t out of too much money during your case. Keep track of what you’re spending to make sure it’s calculated.

Wrongful Death Damages

Tragically, some pedestrian accidents result in fatalities. Surviving family members can seek payment for the damages. That includes funeral costs and burial expenses, as that tends to come out of someone’s pocket. This can offer financial support in their time of need. Whatever they spend on their deceased family member can be counted.

Legal Fees

When pursuing a pedestrian accident claim, you may wonder about the cost of hiring an attorney. The good news is that most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency fee basis. This means they only get paid if you win your case. If your attorney secures a settlement or favorable verdict, their fees are typically a percentage of the awarded amount. This can help you seek out legal help when you need it. So, you can have someone fight for you without stressing about money.


Pedestrian accidents can be hard to bounce back from. However, understanding the types of financial damages that are typically covered in pedestrian accident claims can provide some relief during a challenging time. There are luckily ways to get your money back and get back to living your life. You just must pay attention to these details and calculate what you are owed. That way when you create your claim, your lawyer knows what to fight for.

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