Why Do You Need a Microwavable Rice Cooker?

We are continually reaping big due to the technological advancements in this 21st century. Today, we have new kitchen appliances we use at home for food preparations. Microwavable rice cookers have gained big due to the several benefits they boast. Cooking rice is now something you accomplish in a few minutes more than before.

Microwavable rice cookers are game changers especially to people who are on tight schedules. With these appliances, you only need to measure the right quantities of ingredients and let it do the work. But why do people need this kitchen appliance?

Why Do You Need a Microwavable Rice Cooker?

Microwavable rice cookers have a lot of best benefits with them. Apart from being fast, they boast a lot of benefits that make people yearn to own them. Some microwavable rice cooker benefits include:Easy to Use

Of all the kitchen appliances we have, rice cookers are the easiest to use. Cooking rice is a bothersome activity especially if doing it on stovetops. You would wait for several minutes before it gets ready. However, with the introduction of microwavable rice cookers, the process is no longer tedious. You only need to measure the ingredients and turn the device on. There is nothing you require to do in between. Just sit and wait for your microwavable rice cooker to do wonders.

Relatively Affordable

Kitchen appliances are quite expensive. When going to buy any kitchen from a store, you will set aside a certain amount of cash to use. At the store, you might get shocked by the prices written on the shelves. However, come back at the price tag of microwavable rice cookers. You will find out they are relatively affordable than other kitchen appliances.

Easy to Clean

Apart from being easy to use, microwavable rice cookers serve as home appliances that are easy to clean. Out there, various appliances have complex mechanisms that make cleaning complicated. With the microwavable rice cookers, you will even enjoy the cleaning experience alone.

Accessing the interior parts is simple. You can wash the device by hand if you need to maintain all components in good condition longer. If you are into a busy schedule, still you are well covered. These appliances are dishwasher safe. Just place the components in a dish washer and wait for results.

Healthy Meal

We are all after eating and staying healthy. Most people look for all means to cook a healthy way. If you yearn for such an experience, then the microwavable rice cookers have you covered.

Using these appliances guarantees guarding all the nutritional value of your rice. Remember, you will control the device until the meal is ready. Adding water and other ingredients is according to your choice. Consequently, microwavable rice cookers don’t corrode. Therefore, there are no cases of emission of harmful chemicals to the food.

Little/No Wastage

Here is another significance of the microwavable rice cookers. Mostly, cooking rice on pans will leave the grains stuck to the inner surfaces of the appliance. This scenario is similar when using a power rice cooker. This is so frustrating since you end up wasting a lot of food you would serve one or two.

However, this is nothing to talk about when using the microwavable rice cookers. Manufacturers designed them with nonstick surfaces. Their bases don’t receive any direct heat during the cooking process. Therefore, the amount of waste is relatively low compared to what other appliances provide.

Using Microwavable Rice Cookers

Cooking rice is actually the easiest of all meals we have. However, proper measurements of ingredients is what you should mind a lot. Now, I know not so many people understand using microwavable rice cookers correctly. Let’s enlighten you about using the microwavable rice cookers to cook rice.

Step One: Measure Your Ingredients

Cooking rice entails measuring ingredients correctly. The ingredients here include rice, water. The amount of rice you will measure depends on the number of heads you will serve. However, remember that your rice cooker is of a certain volume. Therefore mind the measurements more to avoid it overflowing out.

Nevertheless, you need to remember that the amount of raw rice won’t be similar after cooking. If you need for instance a full cup of cooked rice, then measure about ¾ cup into the cooker.

Step Two: Pour Ingredients into Your Cooker

After measuring the rice you intend to cook, pour it in an empty bucket for a slight rinse. After this, it’s now a session of your rice cooker to do wonders. Pour the rice into the cooker and add some water into it.

Ensure you add the right amounts so that you avoid adding after turning on the cooker. Here is a recommendation from a professional chef. When cooking one cup of rice, then you need to add two cups of water into it. Such an amount is a perfect combination if you need the meal to cook perfectly.

Step Three: Using the Rice Cooker Properly

Now, before you turn the cooker on, mix all the ingredients you have. Put your salt and mix well before closing the lid. Most rice cookers come with lids having holes where steam will escape. However, not all cookers feature this specification. Close the lid only if the lead has holes where steam will escape. Otherwise avoid closing until the rice cooks whenever the leads don’t boast such a feature.

After mixing the ingredients, close both the inner and outer lids of the rice cooker. Hold it gently and place it in your microwave securely. Ensure you place it firmly so that there is no movement during the cooking process.

Step Four: Allow the Rice to Cook

Lastly, Close your microwave and ensure you properly set the timer correctly. For a proper cooking session, you should set the time at 11 minutes. This is an appropriate time when cooking a cup of rice. Time goes up to 13 minutes when cooking two cups and 15 for four cups.

Consequently, you need to set the power of your microwave for the food to cook properly. In case you deal with a microwave having less than 1000 watts power, then you need to set it at 100%. Those above this range should get set to use 70% power.


Microwavable rice cookers are the modern appliances that serve as perfect than any other in the market.  They boast a lot of benefits including their ease of use and fast cooking sessions. Moreover, cleaning them is the simplest of all. All these benefits and many others make them the choice of many in this century.





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