Wine Delights: 5 Of The Best Sauvignon Blanc Food Pairings

Ahh, Sauvignon Blanc, one of Australia’s true favourites. This fruity delight is found in the bars, bottle-Os and restaurants from Brissy to Perth and is a natural food pairing for some of the country’s best produce.

But what are some of the delicious Sauv Blanc food pairings that cannot be overlooked? What scrumptious selections will really make your tastebuds sing with delight?

Well, do yourself a favour and buy Sauvignon Blanc online before matching with these ideal Aussie food pairings:


Because nothing says an Aussie celebration like a good wine and cheese party! Anyone who has hosted one of these elegant soirees will tell you the same thing: you simply must have a couple of bottles of Adelaide Hills Sauv Blanc at the ready to be enjoyed alongside a selection of gorgeous cheeses.

But which cheeses are best to be enjoyed with this fruity gem? Goats cheese, Gruyere, Fontina, Gouda and Swiss are all varieties that go with Sauv Blanc, so you’ll never be short of options when you head to the local deli.

Vegetable Dishes

Sauvignon Blanc contains vegetal pyrazines, which give hints of spring veggies, so this wine blends perfectly well with its edible equivalent – vegetable dishes! Anything containing asparagus, peas, zucchini, eggplant and a variety of herbs can be enjoyed alongside a nice Sauv Blanc, further adding to the variety’s versatility when it comes to eating.

For a spring or summer afternoon meal in the garden, why not try your hand at making everyone’s favourite Disney classic, ratatouille? The vibrant sunny day matched with the veg-heavy meal and cold Sauv Blanc will really make you feel like you’re doing yourself a wonderful service!

Seafood Platter

There is nothing that screams Australian food more than a scrumptious seafood platter. Seriously, the combination of oysters, prawns, scallops, crays and crab is a joy that can be found in pretty much every restaurant near the water!

And what better way to pair the classic Aussie seafood platter than with a classic Aussie white? There are different varieties that also go well with a seafood platter, but a fine Sauvignon Blanc is always going to be a winner.

Whether you’re picking up the seafood from your local market for a little party at home or splurging at your local seafood restaurant, this is a truly delightful way to combine Aussie food with fine wine!


Continuing the sea-theme, fish shouldn’t be left out when it comes to pairing food with Sauv Blanc. In fact, you won’t struggle to find many Australian fish that pair with Sauv Blanc, with everything from cod to snapper to halibut barramundi all providing delectable options for pairing with Sauvignon Blanc.

The fish and Sauv combo doesn’t have to be fancy, either, as you can simply duck down to your local fish and chips, and pick up some delicious (preferably grilled!) fish and take that home to be enjoyed with your recent Sauv purchase.


Because Sauvignon Blanc is such a wonderful summer wine it should only be natural that it pairs beautifully with light summer salads. It doesn’t really matter what salad you create, either, as the veggie’s (or fruit’s) subtle flavours and light textures will balance perfectly with a Sauv Blanc to make a nice summer salad.

We Aussies love a good Sauv Blanc wine, and with so many delightful, local foods to enjoy it with, it’s pretty easy to see why!

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